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Any woman with an unusual bra size (i.e. anything smaller than a 32 in the band and bigger than a D in the cup) will agree with me when I say that finding bras that you would be proud to be seen in is not an easy task. Another pet peeve of mine? Lingerie companies that DO make larger cup sizes will often use the smaller cup sized women to promote them, thus the images look very different to the way the bra would actually look on a bigger bust!

My cup size has fluctuated in the past year from between a 28H and 32H. Since the age of 17, I have always been bigger than E cup. Bra and bikini shopping used to be an absolute nightmare and I would dread the hours spent in the change rooms trying to find something that I didn’t bulge/fall out of and that didn’t give me the dreaded sausage boob.

I’m currently wearing a 28F-G bra. In saying that, my lingerie drawer contains bras of a variety of sizes, as there is no true consistency across brands and styles of sizing. Plus I’ll sometimes cheat and buy a bra that isn’t a true fit for me because it’s downright amazing…

There is now a select few lingerie brands that became aware of a serious gap in the market and now offer a range of sizes and styles of bras that exceed the D cup! I still find it difficult to find stores that stock these, so I do most of my shopping online. However, along the way i’ll suggest a few stores – and obviously brands – that cater for unusual bra sizes and tell you my faves to help point you in the right direction.

So fear not big-boobed petite ladies! Bra shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare any more. I’ll give you a run-down of the bevvy or bras that I’ve busted in and out of and include some snaps to show you how larger cup size bras actually look on a larger cup sized woman.

Fear not!

Fear not!


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