Pour Moi? Half Cup Bra

Review: Pour Moi Addicted Half Cup Bra 30F

Lingerie Review
Pour Moi Addicted Red

Pour Moi Addicted Red

I am addicted to the way this set photographs – so beautifully because it IS so beautiful! I own this set in both black and red and bought different styles of underwear for each. Let’s start with the bra, though.

The half cup bra has double straps that are so much prettier to look at than the traditional one strap but unfortunately don’t provide much support. It also means that the straps can only adjust so far. The cups are made of semi-sheer floral lace lined with soft material so they’re not scratchy at all. The band is 3 hooks wide, and while it is thick,

I wouldn’t wear this as an everyday bra as it isn’t very comfortable – I find that the cups go back further than necessary and dig in under my arms. This could also be due to the fact that the band is bigger than I need, though. I don’t find the shape of the bra all that flattering – from the side, my boobs appear much flatter, and there is absolutely no cleavage to speak of, however the double bra straps look very sexy exposed. I do like the tassel rather than the usual bow that adorns the gore, too.

Pour Moi Addicted

Pour Moi Addicted

Pour Moi Addicted

Pour Moi Addicted

Both the G-String and the strappy brief are absolutely gorgeous! I bought both pairs in a size 8 and they were a good fit. I chose the strappy brief for the black set, however as you can see from the photo here, I wouldn’t really call it a brief – it’s more of a G-String and it will ride up your butt. It is comfy though, as long as you aren’t wanting modest butt coverage. The double straps are sexy and can be worn high or low. The briefs are made of completely sheer mesh material with a cotton gusset, and they have a lace accent that runs around the top and stops the briefs from looking like they are cutting in on the hips. There’s another cute tassel in the centre at the front and one on the double straps at the back of the undies.

Pour Moi Addicted bra red gstringThe G-String undies are teeeeny tiny but oh-so hot! As you can see by the model’s photoshopped bits, not much is left to the imagination, but I feel very sexy in these undies and the cut and style is pretty unique. Because of the style, they do come up quite a bit higher than the briefs do – I tend to prefer lower riding undies. This G couldn’t be worn with a pair of hipster jeans, though, without popping out. Although it looks pretty flimsy, it’s high quality material.

The back of the G-String has a really pretty 3 strap design instead of the usual triangle of material which looks really great when wearing the suspender belt – and without. The suspender belt has 2 hooks and is adjustable. The front of it is gorgeous, with three straps running horizontally across separating the lace section and a tassel front and centre.


Pour Moi Addicted

Pour Moi Addicted

The one feature that I didn’t like of this set was the oddly placed butt tassel. I tried it on, and was genuinely concerned that it had been sewn in the wrong place. It made me feel like I had a tail! Apparently it wasn’t a mistake, according to the image below – simple fix, though, I just cut it right off. I had intended to sew it front and center on the G but never quite got around to it – seems a much more logical spot for it!

You can shop the Pour Moi? Addicted collection here.


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