Curvy Kate – Scantilly Peek-a-boo Bra 30G

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12968120_1681458045449523_9056728207673224484_oAfter seeing the photos of this set, I was instantly in love! The colour and material looked incredibly lush and the design was very unique and eye-catching. So I quickly whipped out the credit card and got myself the bra in a 30G and matching garter belt, briefs and G-string to go with it in XS- I wasn’t a huge fan of the style of the peekaboo undies with the whole butt exposed.

As you can see from the photos, the set is quality – the materials and make are both excellent and I have absolutely no complaints here. It is very classy and glamorous without being in your face gaudy or complicated. The colour is beautifully
rich and I would even look at buying this set in black as well, although I wanted something a little different than the usual black.

12976958_1287032364658182_7855618883299992010_oPersonally, the bra doesn’t sit quite as well as I’d like in the front – the gore doesn’t sit flat against my skin and does dig into the breast tissue a bit. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that this bra doesn’t come in my true size so I order a sister size (30G instead of 28H). I’d love to see this style in 28s! The band is still firm enough though and the bra gives a nice shape and uplift, although I wouldn’t wear this bra all day – if it was my true size though, it might be a better fit for me.

The side panels are wide enough to give good
support and shape, while the band (with three hooks) is firm as well without the straps being too thick. The straps are also fully adjustable.



When it comes to the matching bottoms, even though I ordered the smallest size available in both of the bottoms (G-string and full brief) they were still too big for me – makes sense since the bra only starts in a 30 I suppose. They’re not so big that I can’t wear them though, just big enough that there is a bit of material rippling instead of sitting flat. Despite this, both are beautifully made and I love the little sheer panels on the underwear that make it a little cheekier and sexier than a usual full brief.

I’ve seen plenty of models in this set and can honestly say that it looks wonderful on any size and shape. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone that likes sexy yet understated sophisticated style lingerie.

I purchased it through, where you can find a wide range of Curvy Kate lingerie, as well as other brands in large cup sizes. For more info on the Scantilly range, check out the Curvy Kate website.